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How to Use Plants in Interior Design: How to Make Your Home Flourish

Adding plants to your home’s interior brings a beautiful pop of color, freshens the air, and benefits your health in a variety of ways. But, scattering a few random pots around the place won’t cut it when it comes to decorating – especially if you’re in the process of home staging. Read on to learn the right ways to use plants in interior

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3 Ways to Use Drapes When Selling Your Home

3 Surprising Ways Drapes Can Help Sell Your Home Home Staging With Drapes Many people don’t realize that it only takes some small changes to give your home a whole new look. When you’re getting it ready to sell, you want to have potential buyers see your home in its best light with the least amount of stress and cost

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5 Reasons Why Staging a Vacant Home Is Critical

There’s no denying the direct benefits of staging a home if you plan on selling it. In fact, home staging proves to be one of the most effective tactics in your arsenal — boosting a home’s dollar value by as much as 5 percent. All in all, this means a better sale for you, the homeowner.  It also means less stress.

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5 Tips for Staging Your Living Room

Aside from a home’s exterior, home buyers’ first impressions of your home will be made in the living room. According to the National Association of Realtors, 46% of home buyers say well-staged living rooms are very important to their decision-making processes. With these five tips, your living room will be so appealing that potential buyers won’t be able to resist! 1. Declutter

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Not All Fluff: How To Use Pillows in Home Staging

In home staging, less is generally more. You don’t want your home to appear cluttered, but it should be welcoming. Pillows are the perfect way to walk that line with finesse and sell your home quickly. For 31% of home sellers in 2021, home staging decreased the amount of time their homes were on the market. Pillows may seem like a silly detail

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