Interior decorating services

Your home is your haven and should bring you joy every day. Let us help transform your home into a beautiful space you love!

Make your home shine!

These services are intended to use what you already have and love to create environments that are fresh, new, updated and comfortable for you and your family. Whether working with what you own or starting from scratch, we can create a space that brings you joy every day. Our goal is for you to love the space you live in with a design that suits your lifestyle.

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During the Interior Decorating Consultation, we will be using a detailed and customized Design Checklist to write down everything that needs to be done in the main areas of your home, so that they shine!

This DIY service is designed to give you all the objective, expert advice you need to do the design work yourself in the form of a detailed checklist.

*You will walk away with all the answers and a Priority Shopping List to help you complete the design process yourself and set you well on your way to a gorgeous looking home!

*Allow up to 2 hours in the home. Any additional hours reverting to a $100 hourly rate.


The Interior Decorating Consultation Includes:



This interior decorating service is all about rolling up our sleeves, following the detailed Design Checklist and working together to start rearranging the main areas of the home.

*4 Hours Minimum. Home must be prepped and cleaned prior to designer arriving.

*Ideally we shop together right after this appointment, so that we can get fresh pillows, accessories and furnishings for each space while it’s fresh in our minds.

You won’t believe the difference a few hours makes just using what you already own!

This service includes:

Fit Your Home To Your Style