How to Style Open Shelving for Different Uses and Looks

Giving your kitchen a facelift is easier than you think. Opting to style open shelving in place of closed cupboards can be done within hours and give your kitchen a new look with little effort or cost to you. 

How to Style Open Shelving

Open kitchen shelving occurs in two main ways. You can take the doors off existing cupboards, or you can install shelves that are available in varying styles. Either option can be modified to fit your kitchen theme and preferences. Beginning with how you want to use the open shelving is a good first step.

Display Special Items on an Open Shelf

Maybe your grandma passed along her love of cooking to you, and you have a treasured measuring cup set that had belonged to her. An open shelf can be the perfect place to display some of her cooking utensils that help keep her in your heart. Pictures and plants displayed on open shelving can give a homey, friendly look to a kitchen. (If your goal is to stage your home with the intention of selling, it’s best to leave personal items to a minimum.) 

More Space with Open Kitchen Shelving

Whether you decide to remove cupboard doors or put up a strategically placed open shelf here and there, it will give the appearance of more space in your kitchen. This is particularly helpful in tiny kitchens. Closed cupboards are like a wall, which can contribute to a claustrophobic feel. Open shelving themselves reveal more of the kitchen but painting them white or other neutral color will add to the illusion of more space. 

Built-In Open Shelving

Open kitchen shelving is often built into one or more sides of a kitchen island. This is a perfect location to keep your cookbooks so that you can easily find which one will be best for a particular meal or dessert.  Open shelving built into the island also allows for handy storage of kitchen platters, bowls, or utensils frequently used when you prepare food on the island.  

Splash of Color in the Open Shelving

Decorating your kitchen can be done by simply showing off your colorful glasses and dishes in open shelving. If the rest of the color palette of the kitchen is neutral, glasses and dishware can make the room pop with an attractive color or combination in a complementary color scheme. 

Open Shelving for Storage

Using open shelving in your kitchen can give you more storage area for some of the items usually taking up counter space. Oils, herbs and spices, mugs, or small appliances can still be close at hand but not cluttering your workspace. This uncluttered counter look will also add to the airiness of your kitchen while still keeping necessary items close by when you need them. 

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