4 Must Have Pieces for An Inviting Living Room

Are you looking for ways to make your living room more inviting and cozy? Home staging is a great way to transform the look of any space, but sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to decide what pieces should go where. Here are four must-have pieces that will instantly upgrade the atmosphere in your living room.

Comfortable Seating

When it comes to home staging, the living room is of course the most important area to focus on. A key element for any successful living room staging is comfortable seating. Not only should the chairs and couches offer space for guests to sit in comfort, but they should also be inviting enough that people actually want to sit there. To make your living room look its best while still ensuring maximum comfort, choose neutral colors like tan or gray and, if possible, opt for cushions with soft fabrics such as velvet or microfiber. Ultimately, offering a comfortable seating arrangement can help create an inviting atmosphere in any living room staging.

Accent Pieces

Accent pieces are a great way to make a room feel cohesive, yet still individualized. Throw pillows and blankets can be more than just a practical necessity; they can add texture, color, and personality to the room. Area rugs can bring warmth and even help define different areas within an open layout. For added versatility, lamps are indispensable for highlighting special features as well as providing subtle lighting when needed. Together these accent pieces create an inviting atmosphere by accentuating each space with your own unique flair.

Wall Art

One of the simplest and cost efficient ways to give an old room personality or add a splash of color to a neutral palette is with wall art. Whether it be original artwork, photographs, or prints from local stores, incorporating focal points into a residential space can bring life to any living room or other interior spaces. When staging homes for sale, hanging up art is an excellent way to convey to prospective buyers how the house can be perfect for their home design goals. Alternatively, if someone is just looking freshen up their living room styling, using wall art as part of home staging could be a great way start revamping their entire aesthetic look.


Adding plants to your living space is a great way to spruce up the room in an easy and affordable manner. Home staging professionals will often suggest utilizing greenery as an eye-catching design element in any home or living room, as it can bring life and color to any setting. You can use real plants or artificial plants depending on the kind of atmosphere you want to create; either way, adding this touch of greenery to the room offers a welcoming vibe and helps spruce up your surroundings. Whether you utilize hanging plants, small potted plants, or tall trees, be sure to consider incorporating more greenery into your home design for an inviting energy.

Home staging is an effective way to make any living room space more inviting and cozy. By incorporating comfortable seating, accent pieces, wall art, and greenery into the design of your living room, you can create a beautiful atmosphere that will welcome guests with open arms. With these four must have pieces in mind when home staging or sprucing up your own living room decorating ideas, you’ll be sure to have a stunningly inviting space that will last for years!

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