Six Modern Paint Colors That Make a Bold Statement

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Whether you’re refreshing your home or staging it for the real estate market, here are six bold colors choices that make homes stand out in 2022.

Evergreen Fog

This greenish-gray hue with hints of blue is Sherwin Williams’ 2022 paint color of the year. It’s sophisticated without being too bland, modern without being too industrial. Paired with other nature-inspired colors, it brings a bit of the outdoors inside.

Evergreen Fog isn’t the boldest color on our list, but it’s a more dynamic alternative to neutral beiges and whites. Instead of fading into the background, it comes to the forefront with class and character all its own.


In interior design, pink always stands out. However, pastel pinks can be a bit too beach-chic for many tastes. Anything in the hot pink family might be a bit too much. Enter Dynamo.

Dynamo almost looks purple. It’s deep, daring and energizing. Paired with dark wood, it gives dens and dining rooms a brooding personality. In otherwise understated bedrooms and kitchens, Dynamo instills a bit of excitement.

Bakelite Gold

Yellow is perfect for kitchens and sun-rooms, but it’s jarring when used elsewhere. To harness the cheery color of sunshine in other rooms, consider Bakelite Gold.

This orangey gold makes any room inviting without being overbearing. When matched with earthy browns and coppers, it’s delightfully retro!

Frank Blue

Blue is bold and this hue is, quite frankly, really blue. Because blues pair well with white, gray and brightly-colored accents, Frank Blue makes a statement anywhere, inside or out.

When used with white shutters or trim, Frank Blue is stately yet unique. For a child’s bedroom or playroom, use it with purple or turquoise to make a statement wall that’s energetic and exciting.

Red Bay

Red is such a versatile, eye-catching color. A white house with red shutters looks quaint and classic. In fireside dens or sitting rooms, red walls make them that much cozier. As an accent color, it’s artsy and adventurous.

Sherwin Williams’ Red Bay is an ever-so-slightly dark hue that flirts with maroon and burgundy. Because it’s deeper and more complex than fire-engine red, it’s bold enough to stand out but not bright enough to be off-putting.


Orange is an under-utilized color in interior design and rightfully so. Even when it’s used sparingly, the wrong shade of orange looks more suited for traffic cones than cozy homes. To harness the boldness of orange without going overboard, look to Rejuvenate.

With its pinkish-red undertones, Rejuvenate is almost peach. However, it’s a little more bold than its pastel cousin meaning it’s a great accent color for kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.  

Color-certified Experts at Five Star Stagings

Using bold paint tastefully is a challenge. At Five Star Stagings of Minneapolis, Minnesota, our color-certified interior design expert Laura Bohn takes every factor into consideration. From the psychology of color to the finer points of color matching, our team keeps technicolor dreams from turning into rainbow nightmares. For bold interior design services that delight homeowners and potential buyers, contact us today.

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