Not All Fluff: How To Use Pillows in Home Staging

In home staging, less is generally more. You don’t want your home to appear cluttered, but it should be welcoming. Pillows are the perfect way to walk that line with finesse and sell your home quickly.

For 31% of home sellers in 2021, home staging decreased the amount of time their homes were on the market. Pillows may seem like a silly detail to focus on, but when selling your home, you need to use every tool you can. Let’s talk pillows!

Use Splashes of Color To Balance Beige

While lamps, pictures and end tables bring symmetry to living rooms, different colored pillows add personality. This is especially true if your walls and furniture follow a more neutral color scheme. By balancing vibrant pillows with beige surroundings, potential buyers won’t feel overwhelmed by your decor, but they also won’t be underwhelmed by a boring atmosphere.

Layer Different Sizes

When it comes to the bedroom, use pillows of different shapes and sizes to make the space feel like a cozy retreat. Against the headboard, place two large rectangular pillows. Put some smaller square pillows in front of that. For the front layer, use an even smaller rectangular pillow.

If you have a chest or ottoman at the foot of your bed, put a pillow or two on that. Every surface of your bedroom will breathe comfort and make potential buyers feel right at home.

Use Pillows To Draw Attention

In every room, brightly colored pillows draw buyers’ attention to different features. The pillows on your couch draw the eye to wide windows. If you have a breakfast nook off the kitchen, pillows on chairs attract attention to a cozy space buyers will fall in love with.

Use Patterns To Enhance Monochromatic Rooms

For more modern, minimalist homes, pillows with different patterns keep rooms from looking too boring without interrupting the atmosphere. For instance, a predominantly white bedroom would benefit from pillows with simple black designs on them. In a kitchen dominated by stainless steel appliances, red pillows on chairs and stools help buyers envision the space as a comfortable place to host parties.

Take These Home Staging Pillow Tactics Outdoors

In 2021, a survey of real estate experts found that 85% of them believed homeowners crave versatile outdoor spaces more than ever. To make your patio, fire pit or outdoor kitchen seem homier than others on the market, use pillows!

Because outdoor furniture is often made from wicker, wood and plastic (and generally monochromatic), some comfy, eye-catching pillows will make buyers dream of watching beautiful sunsets and gathering with friends for all-day BBQs.

Let a Pro Handle Your Home Staging

If you’re fretting over color schemes, pillow placement and rearranging furniture, let Five Star Stagings of Minneapolis, Minnesota, put you at ease. Our passionate team of interior decorators will help you sell your home with exciting yet tasteful designs. Contact us today or peruse our portfolio to learn how we do it.

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