3 Ways to Use Drapes When Selling Your Home

3 Surprising Ways Drapes Can Help Sell Your Home

Home Staging With Drapes

Many people don’t realize that it only takes some small changes to give your home a whole new look. When you’re getting it ready to sell, you want to have potential buyers see your home in its best light with the least amount of stress and cost to you. Drapes and other window dressings are a relatively easy way to give a room a new vibe. When you tell us you want help to “sell my home,” we’re here for you with some house staging tips.

1. Sheers Offer Some Privacy While Showing the Size of a Room

The more light you have coming into a room, the more spacious it will appear. Sheer drapes framing a window can be incorporated into the ambience of a room by allowing natural light to come in. The room can seem even more roomy the lighter the material of your window dressings. Keep dark drapes and shades to a minimum, especially in smaller rooms, as dark colors tend to make a room seem smaller. Neutral colors are generally the way to go if you’re in doubt about a color of drapes or other window dressing.

2. Updated Drapes Result In a More Polished Room

Choose drapes that will enhance the features of the room. Style and color can make your decorating scheme seem dated and drab. If you decide to wash or dry clean drapes that you already have, make sure they are in good condition and that the color allows for enough light and style in the room. That is not to say that older drapes that are in good shape and offer the look you want need to be replaced. Try to keep the themes of your rooms more subdued so that potential buyers can put their own personalities into place.

3. Patterned Drapes Add a Touch of Individuality

A totally neutral room can tend to look kind of blah no matter how nice the paint is or how stylish the furniture. If you are going for the tiniest bit of oomph but don’t want to overwhelm a room, a light-colored pattern on your window coverings can be just the touch you need. The right design can enhance the look of a room while still not throwing your decorating style in the face of a potential buyer. A subtle pattern on your drapes can have a way of showing off a room’s potential without being overpowering.

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