4 Home Staging Tips That Help Buyers Fall in Love

Imagine this: you are a realtor, homebuilder, or homeowner who’s trying to sell their newly constructed home. You want to ensure that the people coming to view the home can picture themselves living in the home, as easily as if they were watching a movie. You decide to use some home staging tips and voila, in a few days, your home is sold!

This story isn’t just the stuff of fantasy. Hundreds of homeowners, realtors, and home builders use the power of new construction staging to sell their homes faster. If you wish to take advantage of this ‘magic’, then keep reading for some home staging tips. 

1. Put Vanilla on the Lightbulbs

If you are dealing with a vacant staging, then you will want to use subtle tricks to give your new build a cozy feel. You can do this by putting a few drops of vanilla on the lightbulbs and then switching them on a few minutes before the home viewers arrive.

The heat from the lightbulb will dissipate the delicious scent of vanilla through the home. This way they could visualize themselves baking up a storm with their loved ones and having a grand old time in the home.

2. Make the Couches and Beds Look Comfy and Cozy

Have a new home staging, but it’s not completely vacant? Then you can utilize the couches and beds to give a homey feel. Use lots of fluffy cushions and throws to make the visitors picture a cozy warm home where they can put their feet up and spend delightful times with their loved ones. 

3. Ensure That the Driveway and Front Yard Is Finished and Tidy

No matter if you have a vacant staging or not, you will need to ensure that the driveway is complete. An unfinished driveway gives a ragged feel and you will want to avoid that. Also, ensure that you don’t have debris lying around in the driveway or front yard, from the construction crew or any other kind of garbage. 

4. The Lighting Needs to Be Impeccable 

Take advantage of lighting when promoting a new build staging, as that can make the rooms appear bigger than they are, and more inviting. Use additional lamps or high-quality LED bulbs, if the rooms don’t have enough lighting on their own. 

Home Staging Is More Powerful Than You Realize

Too many home flippers, realtors, and contractors aren’t taking advantage of all the benefits of staging a home. It’s essentially like leaving money on the table. Don’t do that to yourself when you have a home for sale.

If you have been searching on Google for tips on ‘how to sell my home faster’, then Five Star Stagings has you covered. We can help you with home staging so your home flies off the market. Contact us today to transform your listing and get your home sold rapidly and with ease. 

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