Staging the Bedroom for Optimal Effect

Setting the Tone With Bedroom Staging

The atmosphere of your bedroom can fit so many of your moods. Low lighting can change a bedroom that doubles as your office to one of romance and serenity. Some of the ways you use your bedroom might be making forts with your kids, cuddling with your puppy, or coming up with ideas for your next novel. Your bedroom is about to take on a new look and feel when we help with your bedroom staging.

First Rule of Bedroom Staging

The first rule of staging any room is to pare it down to the bare minimum. Before the bedroom can have an atmosphere that will attract homebuyers, you need to (sometimes sadly) take down personal pictures and remove personal items. Whatever you use your bedroom for now, when you are staging it to sell, the best way to draw in potential buyers is by making the bedroom as non-descript as possible but with a special touch to make it appealing.

Imagining all the embodiments of your current bedroom might make it difficult for someone looking to buy to see themselves living their life there. Allow them a blank canvas on which to dream their dreams.

Make Your Bedroom Look Attractive

Staging a bedroom revolves around the bed. Let potential buyers see the possibilities of their own comfortable bed in a space where they can relax after a long day of work. Show a busy mom that she will have a quiet place to collect her thoughts once all the kids are in their beds. We can help you to design your bedroom in a way that feels inviting while not pushing your style on potential buyers.

A neutral wall color and window coverings that complement the bedspread or comforter will help to pull the room together. A little bit of pattern on a throw rug can still keep with a mostly impersonal look but add a touch of hominess.

Staging the Bedroom to Sell Your Vacant Home

Staging the majority of homes is most successful when the owners don’t currently live there. No matter how much you tidy up, especially if a family or multiple people live in the home, it can be difficult to have it looking pristine every single day. Bedroom staging in a vacant home allows the bed to be always look nice without a rumpled slept in look. If the bedroom has an adjoining bathroom, towels will always be dry and hung up, and the sink will be free of toothpaste.

Staging a bedroom in a vacant home means you won’t have to jump out of bed in the morning to make way for potential buyers with early appointments. Seeing a vacant home is more relaxing for homebuyers, and they can feel comfortable asking their agent questions without worry that you might pop in.

Our dynamic team can help with staging your bedroom to sell your home or to bring out its best qualities for your family to enjoy. Call us today at Five Star Stagings to set up an appointment for a consultation.

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