Staging and Selling With Kids: Tips To Make Your House Shine

When you’re trying to sell your home, staging is incredibly important. It gives potential buyers a way to envision living in the house while making sure everything is neat and tidy.

However, if you have kids, you know that the clutter and chaos can make home staging difficult. After all, you’re probably still using the space, so how do you manage to keep it presentable for buyers?

Luckily for you, we’ve put together a quick guide on home staging with kids that is sure to have buyers making offers. Read on to learn more!

1. Eliminate Clutter

One thing that buyers definitely do not want to see is a cluttered home. Toys, clothes, books, and other kid-related debris are a quick route to making a room feel cramped and unkempt.

Enlist your kids in helping to organize the clutter out of sight in closets or temporary storage. A few choice toys or books here and there are fine when staging homes, as long as they do not distract from the aesthetics of the room. 

2. Keep It Neutral

If your kids’ rooms have extremely gender-specific colors or themes, consider painting in neutral colors and removing overtly gendered items. Buyers want to envision a space that fits their needs, not yours.

On the same note, that awesome racecar theme might appeal to your young kids but will be a turn-off for buyers with a teenage daughter. 

3. Get Rid Of Baby Items

If you have a baby nursery in your house, you should definitely consider removing some of the more unsavory baby-related items.

This includes diaper bins and changing tables. Cribs are generally fine if they are nice and fit well in the space. Anything tacky, worn-out, or cheap-looking should be moved into storage for the duration of your staging.

4. Home Staging Safety: Remove Personal Items

Let’s face it: buyers can be extremely nosy. In an open house situation, you have very little control over who is coming and going. 

It is best to play it safe and remove anything personal from your kids’ rooms. Nameplates, monogrammed items, pictures, and awards or diplomas are all things that should be safely stored away during staging.

5. Other Tips To Staging A Home With Kids

Make sure to do a deep clean of your home before staging. Kids are infamously messy, and you may be surprised where dirty handprints or shoe marks show up.

Be sure that you also remove kid clutter from other areas of your home. The backyard full of toys and the kitchen fridge full of artwork can be safely stored away for the time being.

To save yourself added stress and time, consider eating take-out during the home staging process. This will reduce mess and garbage. The kids will definitely not say no to pizza on a weeknight!

Finally, keep your kids involved in the process. They are probably nervous about moving and having strangers in the house. Allowing them to help with cleaning and organizing will go a long way towards alleviating their fears. 

Professional Staging Services

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the idea of home staging, you might benefit from professional staging services. A professional stager can help you organize and decorate your home to appeal to as many buyers as possible.

We offer many staging services, including vacant and occupied staging for individual rooms or your entire house. Contact us today to get started on a home staging consultation! 

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