Stage Your Porch to Sell Your Home

4 Ways to Enhance Your Porch by Staging

A porch can be the perfect spot to enjoy family and friends or relax and watch the world go by. Porch staging is a fun and creative way to continue your home staging process when preparing to sell your home. There are so many types and sizes of porches that no matter what yours is, there is a decorative way to enhance the exterior design of your home.

1. Declutter, Clean Up, and Repair Before Staging Your Porch

Your professional home staging company will likely suggest decluttering your home as the first step, and this includes the porch. If it’s really dirty to start with, a good power wash can help immensely. Sweeping can be a regular to-do list item, and you can change that to shoveling snow when necessary. You want your porch to be inviting and safe for guests walking up steps or anywhere on your porch.

Make any repairs that take away from the pleasant look of your porch. This doesn’t have to include painting, but a little touch up paint can really improve the overall feel when someone sees your home. Make sure shaky railings, loose boards, and broken windows are fixed before you continue staging.

2. Seasonal Home Staging in Minneapolis

Staging your porch in a state that is lucky enough to have four seasons means you can decorate your porch accordingly. You might change the color scheme to fit with the time of year. Holiday decorations can be placed around your porch for a festive look. The Fourth of July is right around the corner so consider hanging a flag by your front entrance or adding mini flags to some planters. Just don’t go too crazy! Decorating in moderation is key so your potential homebuyers will be able to imagine how their own seasonal displays will look. 

3. Your Front Door Says “Hello” Before You Do

“How can I stage my porch?” you wonder, if you only have a tiny area in front of your door. Your front door can still add to the charm of your home by bringing attention to even the tiniest of porches. A fresh paint job for your door, a wreathe that you can change as the mood strikes, and pots of flowers or plants are easy ways to highlight the porch. This will boost curb appeal and can help give potential homebuyers a cozy feeling about your home.

4. Staging Your Porch When Your Home is Empty

Sometimes owners are not living in the home they want to have staged. This can allow potential buyers to look at your home without feeling rushed. Your overall interior design is more apt to stay in place when no one lives there to rumple beds and pile up dishes. Home staging your porch in an empty home is a little trickier. You want it to be attractive and eye-catching, but you also don’t want items left out that could potentially disappear if the house is empty.

A motion detector or other surveillance systems would be useful. Having your real estate agent or friend stop by on a regular basis could give the impression that someone is around, even if the house is for sale. After making it all look so nice, you want to make sure your porch décor stays there.

Call Five Star Stagings today to find out how we can help stage your porch to have it looking its very best. Porch staging can help potential homebuyers image themselves waving to neighbors and watching the world go by from their own comfy porch.

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