5 Tips for Proper Lighting When Staging A Home

One of the most important things to consider when staging your home to sell is lighting. Lighting can make or break a space and can be the difference between someone buying or walking away from your home. Lighting can be used to create mood and atmosphere, but it can also be used to enhance specific areas of your home.

Here are five tips for perfecting the lighting in your home:

Maximize Natural Light

Natural light is free and makes rooms look bigger than they really are, which helps you sell your home faster. It’s also the most flattering type of lighting for a room because it highlights features in a space that artificial lights can’t do justice.

Use Lamps to Direct Flow and Create Depth

While you may want to add some decorative style to the room, remember that lighting is functional and should serve the purpose of guiding people through your home. When staging your house, use lamps as a way to direct flow through a space and create depth by creating zones in a room. For example, if you have an empty wall next to an open staircase leading up to a loft or second floor, place a lamp there so that buyers can better visualize themselves using it as a landing spot during parties or late night reading sessions.

Add a Touch of Style

Lighting fixtures are simple, but they can add a touch of style to your home’s interior. The right lighting fixture can make your room feel like it was specifically designed for you.

Choose floor lamps that match the style of your home. If you have a modern or contemporary house, try using chrome or white fixtures with clean lines and simple shapes that will enhance the look of your space. If you have an older house with ornate molding and trim, opt for a brass finish on metal lamps or wood accents in wood lamps—they will blend seamlessly with existing elements in the room.

Don’t Forget the Bathrooms!

Bathrooms are a great place to use lighting to create an inviting space. Lighting can also be used to create a relaxing, spa-like ambiance that will make your bathroom feel like a luxurious escape from the rest of your home.

Focus on Lighting the Exterior of your Home.

Highlighting the exterior of the house by updating lighting fixtures can create a welcoming presence to anyone looking at your home from the outside. You can also use lighting to highlight particular architectural details such as columns or shutters. This will help draw attention away from things like ugly landscaping or messy paint jobs and make your exteriors stand out!

Another way to use exterior lighting is by installing flood lights in low-lit areas around your property, such as pathways and walkways leading up to entryways. Lighting in gardens or patios can also bring an extra sense of magic to any backyard. This can add ambience during evening hours when guests are arriving for parties or gatherings with family members (or if you just like hanging out outside).

When it comes down to it, proper lighting is all about creating the best possible environment for potential buyers. If you’ve ever wondered what the best ways are to stage your home, we are here to help! There’s no right or wrong way to do it, the most important thing is that you’re comfortable with how things look and feel. Let us help you define that look and get you the most out of your space. Contact our team of experts to get your home ready to hit the market today!

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