5 Things Home Stagers Do to Make Your Closet Look Nicer

Most buyers look for spacious closets and ample storage space while hunting for a new house. That’s why, if you’re selling your place, you should pay attention to making your closet more attractive. 

Home stagers use various tricks of closet staging to organize your closets and make them appealing to the buyers.

Here are some closet staging tips and tricks used by home stagers to make your closet look spacious and organized:

Use Matching Hangers

A simple yet effective trick to stage your closet is to use matching hangers. Using mismatched or colored hangers can make your closet appear disorganized. Eliminating some colored hangers and keeping only the same colored ones can help create a cohesive look. You can also purchase wooden hangers that give a more upscale look to add elegance to your closet.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

The more you have in your closet, the less spacious it will appear. Though buyers may not go through your drawers, they will certainly take a detailed look inside your closet. To make it appear more spacious, follow the 80/20 rule that suggests we only use twenty percent of the things in our closet. So, to downsize your closet, you can pack up the rest eighty percent of your items and make it appear more spacious. Decluttering your closet is essential to making a good impression on the buyers.

Organize Your Clothes by Color

One of the easiest ways to organize your closet and make it appealing for the onlookers is to arrange the clothes by color. Organizing your clothes by color makes your closet seem more luxurious. Grouping items by color can also help you easily access and distinguish between different clothing articles. The buyers will find your closet more appealing when the items are grouped according to their colors and sizes.

Add Extra Lighting

Lights are a crucial part of closet staging and home staging in general. Most closets have dark corners that make them appear smaller and cramped. You can add extra lighting in those corners to illuminate your entire closet. With extra high-watt lighting, your closet will instantly appear brighter and bigger. You can purchase some affordable push lights that are easy to install and bright enough to light up your entire closet. You can also try some LED light strips that can outline your shelves and the interior door of the closet to illuminate all corners.

Keep the Closet Floor Clear

An essential part of home staging is to keep your floors clear of any items or clutter. Many people keep their shoes on the closet floor, but this can make your closet look smaller and disorganized. Anything on the floor should be packed up in boxes or organized on the shelves. You can either free up some space in your closet to accommodate these items or buy a small rack to store them.

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